1. august is going to be a pretty insane month. next weekend i’m going to chicago to visit with an alpha i’ve been talking to for a while, his daddy, and his pup. actually this whole year has been pretty crazy. never thought this is where i’d go 

  3. grover3:


    i got my watch with diamond. i don’t care about the time. 

    Why the hell slaves and fag wear watches while serving sexually is beyond me.  They are only needed for household service when punctuality is required and they sure don’t need no diamonds.

    yas drag me

  4. lambtime:

    the toilets at mr s


  5. anomalymachine said: Hiii! I recently listened to a playlist you posted on here not too long ago and I really liked it. I wanted to ask you where can I download that dj funk remix of bedtime story. Thanx!!

    it’s actually big ole booty by dj funk playing over madonna bedtime story, lol. i mixed the two together at the same bpm. i have an mp3 of it separately from the mix that i recorded

  6. dunkthespunk:

    those are really cool socks

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  7. hi 

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  9. i’m now responsible for taking good care of this little guy. everything is sweet 

  10. leatherarchives:

    Men of Discipline Newsletter

  11. it seems like a bad curse 

    every day it gets a little worse

    i don’t know why, but i want to dance

    every time i get a chance


  12. i keep having dreams that i’m going to throw a party and at the venue or house i’m throwing it at, my teeth fall out an hour before the party

  13. Julee Cruise  - Falling


  14. Merle - Fannie Likes 2 Dance


  15. Anonymous said: I love your screen name. I catch myself saying it aloud to myself in random places. Lol. :-)

    i hope you think of me whenever you’re getting your ass ate too  : )